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How to Get A Job: The secret to getting a foot in the Google door

Secret to getting a foot in the door at Google Here’s a secret I tell friends who are applying to Google: Find out who is the hiring manager. I advise them to not blindly submit their resume online. I also… Read More ›

Accepting a job is easy, figuring out if you SHOULD accept is hard.

How to Get A Job: 5 things to consider before accepting a job offer

Congrats on getting a job offer! You spent hours preparing, talking to people, and interviewing, All your efforts had paid off! Now what do you do next? How do you decide whether to accept the job offer? Better yet, if… Read More ›

Learn how I didn't let a recession slow me down from getting job offers.

How to Get A Job: How I got 3 job offers during the recession

I was in business school at a very bad time. Whereas alumni who graduated years before me had job offers, sometimes up to five of them, in hand before graduation, my class was not as lucky. In fact, we were… Read More ›

Getting rejected is never easy, follow these steps to NOT get rejected.

How to Get A Job: 3 reasons I reject a candidate after an interview

Reasons I reject a candidate after an interview I have interviewed candidates in Google for roles in my team. I have also been asked to be a guest interviewer for roles other teams are hiring for. This is a common… Read More ›

One cup of coffee can mean the difference between getting a job and not getting a job.

How to Get A Job: My 4 rules for successful informational interviews

Informational Interview Basics What are informational interviews you ask? Informational interviews are a great way to get your foot inside the door. I myself attribute my job at Google to informational interviews I had months before I applied for the… Read More ›

Being productive at work means you perform better and get to go home earlier. Win -win!

How to Get A Job: 5 ways to increase your productivity at work

Ways to increase your productivity at work Working in tech, my schedule and workload can get crazy pretty quickly. I find myself getting pulled in all directions. There is just so many exciting projects to get involved in. Unlike other… Read More ›

Google consistently rates as one of the most desirable companies to work for in the world.

How to Get A Job: How I got my job at Google

The year was 2009 and I was a second year business school student at MIT Sloan. Like many other people, Google was my dream company. How could it not be? Tech was a booming industry. The MIT campus was teeming… Read More ›

Realistic optimism is key to getting a job.

How to Get A Job: Unemployed? 3 ways to energize your job search

Being unemployed for a long period of time can be demotivating. Let’s say it has been 3 months since your last job, how do you keep going? How do you keep motivated when all your job leads have turned out… Read More ›

First impressions matter when tackling a new job.

Starting a new job? 5 actions to take on your first month

It is your first day at work. You are very excited and raring to start at your new job. After months of job search and interviewing, you are finally here! Now what? Your first weeks and months at a new… Read More ›

Get promoted today with these 3 easy tips.

How to Get A Job: Want to get promoted? Do these 3 things now!

Who does not want to get promoted? Everybody does. If good grades is what gives us affirmation at school, promotion is what gives us affirmation at work. It rewards all the time, energy, and hard work we have put into… Read More ›

Don't slack! Be a meeting Ninja.

How to Get A Job: Here are 4 things you should be doing during meetings

Meetings take up a lot of my time at work. On average, I would spend 2 to 3 hours per day attending meetings. These meetings come in different forms: weekly 1-on-1s, regular cross-functional syncs, or problem solving sessions. Meetings should… Read More ›

Salary isn't everything, remember to negotiate on "Total Compensation"!

How to Get A Job: 3 ways to increase your compensation if the company won’t budge on salary

Let’s face it. Salary is one of our major considerations before deciding to accept a job offer. It was a factor for me before I accepted offers to join consulting companies or Google. I’m sure it is a factor for… Read More ›

Google is a difficult place to get a job, but here's what you can do to improve your chances.

How to Get A Job: How I helped a friend get a job at Google

Beth joined Google as a temporary worker for Finance when a Googler went on a 5-month maternity leave. She understood the terms from the start: work for 6 months then move on. However, she viewed her temporary job as a… Read More ›

Follow these 4-steps to get a job at McKinsey & Company

How to Get A Job: How I got my internship at McKinsey Consulting Company

I joined McKinsey’s summer internship program in between my first and second year of business school. I joined McKinsey’s Singapore office but my project was for a Malaysian conglomerate. This meant traveling to Kuala Lumpur on a weekly basis. I… Read More ›

Networking at work is as important as networking outside of work.

How to Get A Job: 5 effective ways to network at work

When we hear the word “networking”, we think it is something only job hunters do This is a misconception. Networking happens everyday, whether you are employed or not. The best time to network is when you don’t need a job.… Read More ›

Networking is the most effective way to get a job and accelerate your career.

How to Get A Job: The one simple secret to networking

Most people get scared or intimidated by the word “networking”. For some, networking is something they feel forced to do. For others, especially introverts, networking requires effort that goes against their natural inclination. It does not have to be this… Read More ›

Google interviews are rigorous, follow these tips to make a great impression

How to Get A Job: 3 ways to stand out when interviewing at Google

Googler has consistently been ranked as one of the best companies to work for. It is not a surprise that Google gets thousands of applicants everyday. Of these, the hiring rate is in the low single digits. This means, that… Read More ›

How to get a job after undergrad

How to Get A Job: 4 ways to make yourself more attractive to employers before you graduate

  I received the most interesting job search help last week My masseuse’s son, John, is a junior in undergrad and she asked if I can speak to him over the phone. She sounded desperate and kept asking for my… Read More ›